Product Management

Optimization and rationalization of the existing range of coating products for wood, with the possibility to introduce new formulations in the customer’s product range, supporting to increase the profit margins of the customer’s products by means of

– Optimization of working cycles

– Reduction of raw material numbers and storage costs

– Reduction of the sales items

– Significant decrease of waste costs for unsold obsolete products

Check and update of technical and safety data sheets of sales products Support in raw material supplier selection Support with activities related to chemical-physical and analytical analysis of incoming raw materials lots (service addressed to producers of coating products)

Painting Process

Check and analysis of existing coating cycle(s) and its (their) optimization. Plant check and support to maintenance of existing facilities with consults for possible updating and / or new investments.

This activity aims to reduce production time and therefore the costs.

Addressed to industrial users and/or craftsmen of coating products

Coating Cycles

Assistance in defining industrial coating cycles suitable for processing prototypes of wooden manufactures Useful activity for aesthetic and functional evaluation of varnished wooden manufacturers

Addressed to users of painting products

Analysis of Defects

Technical expertise, analysis of defects. Useful and necessary in case of disputes between customers and producers. Mainly addressed to user of coating products.

Product Certifications

Product certification related to a single coating product or to finished manufacture.

Activity addressed to producers or final users of coating products.


English, German and Italian translation of technical literature and reports

Marketing Tools

Support in realizing marketing tools like:

– Product lists

– Technical brochure

– Leaflets

– Colorcards

– Company profiles