Wood Coating Italian Consulting

Wood Coating Italian Consulting is a consulting company operating in the field of coating products and their industrial application. Composed by a Team of experts with an extensive experience gained over decades of working in formulating, production and application of wood coating products with some of the most important Italian and international Companies.

This experience is now available to satisfy in a competent, professional and absolutely confidential way, inquiries for consulting and cooperation coming from all areas of the wood market.

Product management

Optimization and rationalization of the existing range of coating products for wood, with the possibility to introduce new formulations in the customer’s product range, supporting to increase the profit margins of the customer’s products by means of

  • optimization of the working cycles
  • reduction of raw material numbers and the relative costs for storage
  • reduction of sales items
  • significant decrease of waste costs for unsold obsolete products
Painting process

Check and analysis of existing coating cycle(s) and its (their) optimization. Plant check and support to maintenance of existing facilities with consults for possible updating and / or new investments. This activity aims to reduce the production time and therefore the costs.